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Welcome to Studio Inspiratie, a ballet school for modern dance in the center of The Hague. Modern dance classes are fun to take. The lessons are all about discovering your own creativity and your range of physical motion. Modern dance increases one’s individual power and self-confidence.


‘Dancing allows you to learn about yourself’

filmpjes van Studio Inspiratie
The dance studio is located in the Barthkapel, Brouwersgracht 2K down town in the city of The Hague.
The studio can be reached by public transportation: tram line 2, 3, 4, and 6, and bus line 25.
Note: To reach the studio, walk/bike into the alley at nr.2 (next to Stichting Yasmin) on the Brouwersgracht, all the way through till you find yourself at the courtyard. On your left, above the stone staircase, you’ll see the door of nr. 2K. Go up the stairs to the first floor to find the studio. You will come into our kitchen/dressingroom first. Studio door will be opened when the class starts. Front door is open at least 10 minutes before class.

About the dance teacher
Annemieke Wauters, the head teacher at Studio Inspiratie, has many years of experience as a dance instructor, dance therapist, dramatist and story-teller. In addition, she is also a certified STOTT Pilates instructor and Do-In Yoga teacher. Annemieke has a good eye for posture and movement, always loved working with both children and adults, and enjoys guiding individuals on their way to become the best they can be.

Language of instruction
Students from an international background who haven’t mastered the Dutch language yet, are more than welcome to enroll in dance classes at Studio Inspiratie. Though the language of instruction is Dutch, the teacher will provide English translations as long as needed. Please note that all newsletters are in Dutch and that Annemieke will provide a translation on request.


Raphael, dad of a 5 year old girl attending dance classes:
Very calm and warm dancing lessons It’s not just about the result of becoming the best dancer, but about exploring the (im)possible of the body and getting comfortable in that. I do really recommend Studio Inspiratie.

Yang, attending Modern Dance classes for adults:
This is a place to get recharged and refreshed. It’s not just learning techniques, but feeling about your body, movements and emotions. I have much more awareness of myself. Annemieke is a great teacher, she brings a lot of teaching experience and energy into the class. I always feel happy after the class! The dance hall is also a treasure in the Den Haag city center, little chapel with spacious room to dance around. Highly recommended!

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