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Start of the new season Monday 3th of September. Welcome!

Prince’s day Tuesday September 18th
Autumn break Monday October 22nd up to and including Sunday October 28th
Christmas break Friday December 21st up to and including Sunday January 6th
Spring break !PAY ATTENTION!           Monday February 25th up to and including Sunday March 10th
May holidays Friday April 19th up to and including Sunday May 5th
Ascension day up to and including 2nd day of Pentecost !PAY ATTENTION! Thursday May 30th up to and including Monday June 10th
Summer vacation Monday July 8th up to and including Sunday September 1st


  • Summer Double Fun Days: Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July
    Sign up for FREE in the dressingroom of the studio

This year Summer vacation starts half a week later. During this two extra days we offer special lessons, you can join for free.


Bring a friend* Week 40: 1st up to and including  5th of October
Viewing lessen/ open class ** Week 45: 5th up to and including 9th of November
Bring a friend* Week 13: 25th up to and including 29th of March


*This week all students are allowed to bring a friend to class, this includes students from Pilates and Yoga classes.

**Kids classes are open for parents to come and witness their kid attending class.