registration & introductory lessons

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Would you like to start taking classes?
Contact Studio Inspiratie through

to set up your first lesson. Try-outs are possible for the reduced fee of €12,-. Try outs are possible for all regular weekly classes.

*Children under 18 can try out for 3 lessons in 3 consecutive weeks.
*Adults can try out for 2 lessons in 2 consecutive weeks.

• Before you join your first lesson, please hand in the registration form together with €12,- in cash and read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
• During the try-out period, the registration is non-committal.
• Parents may watch the first try-out lesson of their child.

If you decide to stay after the introductory lessons, you need to hand in the payment authorization form before the first lesson after the trial period, to make the registration final.

Download the Registration Form here
Download Payment Authorization Form here.
Download the Clothing Regulations here.
Download the Terms and Conditions here.

Try-outs are not possible for the Peuterdans course or any other special course and not for coaching or therapy. Please contact Studio Inspiratie for more information.